6月18日,新加坡华林船舶管理公司(WALLEM) CAPT. Cheng Gang到访我公司进行年度审核。公司副总经理费长宏、总调配刘晓波、板块经理韩蕾及安全培训组陶树河船长、毕崇峰船长等一同配合完成此次审核工作。
  公司多年来与WALLEM保持良好业务往来与商务合作,目前为其提供CAPE SIZE船型的全套派员服务。
  审核期间,CAPT. Cheng Gang对公司服务及派员给予了肯定,同时,针对如何做好派员服务的跟踪、如何加强船员的素质培训与面试审核、如何完善对船员事故的处理措施与解决方案等方面工作,双方进行深入的交流探讨,此次审核工作顺利完成。
  CAPT. Cheng Gang还对双方未来合作及船员配员问题提出了意见和建议。公司方面愿意积极配合船东做出改进,共同致力于发展优秀船队及培养优秀船员。
  The Wallem Group is a leading provider of technology driven maritime solutions, offering services supporting the complete lifecycle of a vessel from newbuilding supervision to end-of-life recycling guidance. Our extensive portfolio includes asset management, crewing, training, ship management, safety and compliance management and agency services.
  As one of the largest and most experienced solutions providers globally, we offer world-class support to shipowners by bringing our customer-centric and transparent approach to all aspects of fleet operation. We combine technology and forward-thinking to deliver on safety, technical, and commercial performance without compromise. We believe in collaboration to foster innovation in meeting future needs.
  Wallem operates globally with a shore-based team of 1,000 and more than 7,000 highly qualified seafarers, serving nearly all vessel segments.
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